Versim S.A. Conference by Zegrzyński Lake

On 8th and 9th May 2014 Versim S.A. organized a conference in Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka by Zegrzyński Lake.
During the event, apart from a lot of interesting training sessions, where, among others, some solutions of Extreme Networks and Palo Alto Networks were presented, there was a cruise across the lake with games and competitions took place while “Rejs”, the cult film by Marek Piwowski, was screened. In the evening, the guests enjoyed themselves using F1 simulators, competing in replacing wheels, measuring their reflexes with a special device and had a good time at the disco in Yacht Club. In total, almost 100 representatives from Versim S.A Partner Companies took part in the conference.

The main hosts of the event, apart from Versim S.A, were two other companies: Palo Alto and Unify (as the joint organizers).