Verbicom Group started being formed in 2002, when the first company named Verbicom was incorporated. Verbicom operates on the ICT market and after six years of business activity, in May 2008, the company entered the New Connect Market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Next company which was set up, and which belongs to the Group, was Versim SA – a company which is engaged in the distribution of ICT equipment of such producers as UNIFY (former Siemens), Extreme Networks, Aver, Palo Alto, Gigaset Pro.

Next step to extend the Group was to establish Verbitech, a company which operates and maintains teletransmission networks.

In the subsequent period the following companies joined the Group: Twój Asystent24 Ltd which renders call center services and Visbroker Ltd which is engaged in costs optimization within the ICT market both for individual customers and firms.

In March 2014, Ardo Sp. z o.o., a company operating in the advertising market and involved in sale of electric power became another element of the Group.

The  company, which joined us in June 2014, is Verfin Sp. z o.o. engaged in financial matters and accountancy.

ICT – EDU Sp. z o.o., joined to the group, recently, was bought by Versim S.A., and is authorised trainig center.