VRRBITECH was set up as a result of the agreement between Technitel Polska S.A., Verbicom S.A. and Dalkia Łódź S.A. Verbitech renders services within the scope of maintenance and usage of:

  • ICT switchboards and dispatcher systems
  • SDH teletransmission systems
  • radio communication systems and radiotelephones
  • fibre-optics cable networks in the area of a city/town
  • power supply systems

Verbitech offers its clients the following:

  • day-to-day administration of switchboards, teletransmission systems, eliminating or repairing defects
  • elimination of failures and defects in the whole operated and supported infrastructure
  • periodic inspections of telecommunication and fire safety infrastructure
  • keeping the documentation of the maintained network
  • working out the concepts and technical specification of telecommunications infrastructure for fire protection systems development.

The Management Board:

Tomasz Klimkiewicz – The President
Bolesław Zając – The Vice-President