Twój Asystent 24

TWÓJ ASYSTENT 24 specializes in outsourcing services for clients from various industries.
Each project is prepared and carried out in an individual way, tailored to the client’s needs, in accordance with the highest standards and trends adopted in the world.

Services provided by Twój Asystent 24 are an ideal solution for firms looking for savings within the scope of customer service, marketing and sales.

The services offered by Twoj Asystent 24 include, among other things, the following:

  • Contact Center – that is a center for telephone communication which can be carried on in both directions – incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Hotlines of different nature : news and information service, orders and complaints
  • Consumer service – to give a client all the information on the product, handle and carry out promotional contests, special offers and loyalty programs.
  • Service and Help Desk – general and technical support, Disaster Recovery Center / Support Center
  • Telemarketing – support of sales departments, making arrangements for sale representatives
  • Databases – creating data bases according to the client’s expectations

The Management Board:

Robert Primke – The President
Wojciech Duda – The Vice-President